Our Valentine’s Day Date at Shake-Shack

We originally wanted to share a slice of cheesecake, but we had ice cream earlier that day (a treat from the boss). I got sick of the thought of having more sugar so I opted for something savoury.

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Valentine Tips from a Cheesy Kuripot

I am a SUCKER for Valentine’s Day!

It makes me smile whenever I see couples being romantic. Everything just seems better and happier on this day of the year. By now you must have booked a romantic dinner date or ordered flowers or chocolates to be delivered to her office. If not, what are you waiting for?

No budget for a date night? No problem. As I am kuripot, I believe there are ways to celebrate this special day without spending a fortune. Well, maybe this is just me, but I would rather have time (and a lot of attention) on this day rather than presents (unless it is something I really, really like).

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