Debt- The Good and The Bad

Debts- who doesn’t have any? Is it wrong for a person to have debts? Does it make you a bad person if you have a lot of debts? Well, if you’re the type who likes to borrow money and not pay it back- then people probably don’t like you that much. I know I wouldn’t. So is it wrong for a person to have debts? It depends. It depends on why you’re in debt and what kind of debts you have.

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Flavours of Kathmandu

I had a few days to go around Kathmandu to visit the temples and try their food. I printed a list (I like making lists and printing them) of what to try like Blood Sausage, Yak Cheese and Thukpa, but when I got there and witnessed the crowd, humidity and traffic, I decided to pass. It would have been fun to walk around but I was too chicken to cross the busy roads.

I ordered food from Summit Hotel instead, and luckily, the Chef was very accommodating with my requests. Here are a few of the food that I tried. If I was not eating outside, I was having store-bought coffee and unhealthy instant cup noodles in the comforts of my room.

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Nepal Visa for Philippine Passport Holders in Dubai

Nepal tourist visa is available on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport for Philippine passport holders.

Upon arriving, I noticed that the airport is equipped with touch-screen machines where you can input your personal and passport details as well as additional information regarding your purpose of travel, accommodation, etc. You’ll have to ask around which machine is actually working (I had to do it twice as the first machine did not dispense a receipt).

After completing the questionnaire, a Visa Entry Receipt will be printed. Take this receipt with you to the desk where a fee of USD 25 or AED 100 should be paid. Make sure to bring the exact amount as they normally do not have change. About a minute later, the Visa valid for 15 days was stamped on my passport.

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Namaste, Nepal!


This is their way of saying their soul honors our soul; they honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within us, because it is also with them; and in sharing these things we are united.

The land of Buddha Eyes, monks, prayers and momos. This is Nepal.

My trip to Kathmandu was surprisingly the most humbling experience. Weeks ago as I was planning my 4-day holiday in Nepal, I was focused on what food to try and which temples to visit. My friend insisted that we take a plane ride to Pokhara which I declined as I had a limited budget and an additional plane ticket would mean breaking the bank and using my credit card. I heard Pokhara is very nice place, but it can wait; I can always arrange another trip in the future provided I save enough. After all, Nepal has a lot of other things to offer for every kind of traveler.

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