Travel like a Minimalist

I guess by now you know how I like to simplify things. Travel is no exemption.

When I travel, I try to not bring too many things. I only want to focus my energy on the travel experience rather than stuff.

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A Kuripot’s Guide to a L.A. Holiday

I just returned from my solo holiday to meet with family & friends in the United States. I booked it last January and started to save up and make my budget at the beginning of the year. I had four months to financially prepare myself for a trip to Los Angeles, California. How do I write about kuripot tips on a trip to this expensive city?

It sounded impossible – just the thought of spending US dollars made me nervous! My ticket (taken from my Travel Fund) cost me AED 3,200 which for me is expensive on its own and I still had to set aside enough money to eat and go around for a week’s stay.

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