Things to consider before investing in the Stock Market

The Stock Market is one of the best ways to make your money work for you. Some companies have seen their share prices rise to more than 1000% in the last 15 years, some even higher. Average annual returns for most blue chip companies range between 10-15% per annum which is higher than most asset classes in the market.

If you haven’t invested in the stock market yet, but are planning to, here are a few things you need to consider before doing so.

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I have X amount of money. Where should I invest?

This is a question that we often hear from people who have heard about investing so many times before, and now have the money to do so. It’s really great that a lot of people nowadays are more aware about the importance of investing, and are willing to give it a go. The Philippine economy is really doing well, and investing for your future now is one of the best things that you can do for your future self. For Overseas Filipinos, this is one of the many ways you can take advantage of the higher salaries that you’re getting from your employment abroad.

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VAT is this?!

In the first quarter of 2017, talks about VAT being introduced in the UAE, and other parts of the GCC caused quite a stir among the residents- expats and locals alike- and for good reason. The GCC has been tax free for a very long time, making it one of the most competitive regions in the world to do business. Personal Income tax is also inexistent in this part of the world making it one of the most attractive places for expat workers since they get to have a higher take-home pay at the end of each month.

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Why should we Invest?

Planning on getting married in a couple of years? Have plans to put up your own business? Travel Plans? Want to buy your dream house one day? Want to be able to retire comfortably and not just rely on your Social Security Cheque? Then you need to Invest, and do it NOW!

There are so many reasons why we need to invest, but let me give you my Top 5 Reasons why.

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7 Things to Simplify in Life

From the moment we got a job and start earning our first salary, we were told to save so we can have enough money to feed our family, and to buy a house and a car. We were designed to desire the best things in life and we were told to work hard so we can afford them.

As soon as we get our paycheck, we spend on clothes, restaurant food, travel and so many other things. Advertisements from TV, social media, and magazines scream to us on a daily basis that we NEED to get the latest gadget, the most stylish pair of sneakers and the celebrity-endorsed cosmetics. As a result, we work extra hard so that we have money to spend on things we think would make us look and feel good.

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Last Exit. For Good? or For Bad?

“I’m coming home.”

“Uuwi na ako.”

“Ayoko na mag abroad.”

Whether it be due to homesickness, poor health, or just tired of being away for so long, we all have to come home at some point. One cannot be an OFW forever, unless he/she plans to become an immigrant in another rich country. The question however is, are we ready to come home? Some of us have been here in the UAE, or worked abroad for over five years, some even more than a decade. We all left our home country for the same reasons. To seek greener pastures, to earn more, and be able to save more for our future, and that of our loved ones who are waiting for us back home. But with the current global uncertainties, and economic crashes happening around us we may not have much time left to work abroad. So once again, let me ask you. Are you ready to leave everything behind and come home? I’m not. And for most Filipinos working abroad it’s also the same. Not every one has an Exit Strategy in place, yet. Some, if not most, don’t have a strategy at all! So if you’re one of those who STILL doesn’t have an exit strategy or even thought about it, this is for you.

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