Turning a Negative to Positive

“I don’t have enough money.”
“I’m broke.”
“I can’t afford it.”

Sounds familiar to you? I’ve heard people say this so many times, and not too long ago, so have I. It’s not uncommon for a lot of people to be in a situation where CASH is scarce, and they end up borrowing, or foregoing certain wants, or even needs just because they do not have the money to pay for it. Sadly, in most cases people actually end up borrowing money NOT because they wanted to, but because they had to. In my previous blog, I wrote about Randell’s 5 No Non-sense Steps in Personal Finance, and the first step is Improving your Cashflow.

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5 Simple Saving Tips from a Kuripot OFW

This month I celebrated my third anniversary as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). I love the whole idea of working abroad and being exposed to different cultures. I am thankful for the opportunity to be here, living my dream to travel the world while saving and investing for my future.

Three years. That’s more than a thousand challenging days of work to achieve my KPI’s! There were moments when I rode the wrong bus and got lost, fainted in the middle of the road because of hypoglycemia, cried in front of my former boss when I was overwhelmed with too much pressure, underwent a total of three major surgeries from a fall accident, and so much more!

Three years. I met new friends and let go of some. I also learned to appreciate my hard-earned money more – keeping track of where it goes and prioritizing my emergency fund and life insurance. I stopped shopping for useless things (in fact, I have not purchased a new purse this 2017 but more on this later). I am embracing the minimalist lifestyle and doing better at keeping to it.

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Personal Finance and Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom was a term I often heard and read about from Facebook and Twitter posts from people doing MLM Businesses, as well as online scammers who were always on the lookout for the next gullible person to lure into their get-rich quick schemes. The idea sounded great, and at the same time foreign to me. I didn’t even know how to achieve it since it wasn’t something that was taught in school, nor something I heard about from friends or family, or even in the news. I grew up not knowing how to manage my finances or even properly plan for my future.

It wasn’t until I attended a seminar by Randell Tiongson, organized by TRC (Truly Rich Club) in the UAE in 2015 that I actually got a clear picture of what Financial Freedom really means, and how one can actually achieve it. One does not simply achieve Financial Freedom or Independence by wishing it, or working 8-12 hours a day. In order to achieve financial independence, a person needs to have a proper Financial Plan.

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