T’s Eats Under 100: Marakesh Restaurant

Morocco has always been in the Top 3 of my dream destinations. I feel like there is so much to see, feel and learn in a country that is so colourful, with its interesting culture and hospitable people.

My friend has a friend who has a friend (true story!) who is Moroccan and knows very well how local flavours taste. He recommended a place in Dubai where the food is as good as his mother’s cooking.

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Feel the Thrill of the All Time HIGH!!!

Near the end of 2017, the PSEi (Philippine Stock Exchange Index) rallied to New Highs as it broke past 8500 levels and went as high as 8900 in the first week of trading for 2018. Many stock market investors and traders, myself included were jubilant to say the least after learning that the market has finally broken through the 8500 levels after going sideways for quite some time.

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20 Ways to Enjoy Seoul on a Budget

Traveling need not be expensive. It just takes a lot of research, patience and self-control.

Wherever I go I want to explore local markets & food stalls that serve authentic local cuisine. I especially like to eat where the locals eat.

I like walking. I like watching people. It takes very little to please me, but I appreciate a good meal, architecture and history.

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7 Money Lessons I Learned from Paintball

Our company decided to do Paintball as a team building activity. No one guessed it until a day before the event (they like to keep these things a surprise) so I was not fully mentally and physically prepared. Nevertheless I thought it was exciting and challenging as I have never done anything like it before.

I have always been competitive at everything. I like being one step ahead, making strategies, and surprising the opponent. More often than not I win at competitions – whether through effort or sheer luck. You should see me compete at kiddie party games!

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How I Started Saving

I was clueless about saving money.

Back then I only knew about having a bank account and, because it came with an ATM card, I would spend whatever was in it. I spent my money on travel, dining out and shopping. I splurged on sales and ended up having extra pairs of clothes, shoes, bags and that I never used. To minimize clutter I either sold, gave or threw them away. Such a waste of hard-earned money.

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