My OFW Story

I come from a family of OFWs. My father was an OFW Seafarer for most of his life, so were some of my uncles from both sides of the family, some of my aunts used to work as domestic helpers in Hong Kong and Singapore, and as an office worker in Bahrain. When I was growing up, friends and family asked me if I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a seafarer like him. My answer was always no. I had no desire whatsoever to work overseas or be away from my family. Fast forward many years later, here I am- an OFW.

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When God’s No is Better than a Yes

Every morning, as soon as I arrive in the office I usually do some light reading. I go to news websites like, or just to know what’s happening around me. I also check business websites to see how the stock market is doing, and know about the latest in the business world. Then I go through LinkedIn to check for updates, new leads, and some random stuff. I usually read posts from Francis Kong, one of the most respected speakers in the Philippines, for some Positivity and Motivation, Artin Eskander for Spiritual and Biblical Insights, and Oleg Vishnepolsky for his insights on Managing People, and some light stories related to people and the workplace. Today, as I opened my office computer and started on my daily routine of morning reading I came across this story and thought of sharing it. It’s a very short story, but very meaningful. So please bear with me, and enjoy reading.

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50% off on Basic Goods and Commodities!

We don’t normally write about PROMOS or SALES however, for this specific event we will make an exception. While taking a break from work, I came across an article in Gulf News saying:

50% discount on grocery items in UAE for one month

Click on the link above if you don’t believe me.

As it turns out, this is in observance of the International Day of Happiness and will cover over 600 stores in the UAE including major chains like Lulu Hypermarket and Carrefour.

This “consumer” friendly move is an initiative from the Ministry of Economy, and will run from March 20 and April 20.

If this pushes through, expect long queues in participating grocery chains and stores.

For those who are planning to open their wallets during this period, please don’t forget about Earth, and bring re-usable bags and trolleys.

If you’re looking to fill those balikbayan boxes, better wait for further announcement about this, and take full advantage of it should it push through. However, we would still recommend that even if there’s a sale as big as this, exercise prudence and discernment with your spending. Don’t just go out there and fill your carts with things you don’t really need, specially with perishable items because you could end up wasting money instead of saving.

It doesn’t matter if something is on sale. If you do not need it, then you’re still spending more than your intended budget.

Happy shopping!


How I Started Saving

I was clueless about saving money.

Back then I only knew about having a bank account and, because it came with an ATM card, I would spend whatever was in it. I spent my money on travel, dining out and shopping. I splurged on sales and ended up having extra pairs of clothes, shoes, bags and that I never used. To minimize clutter I either sold, gave or threw them away. Such a waste of hard-earned money.

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How to Set Goals for 2018

2017 is almost over and it makes me think: how can I make my 2018 an even better year? Before another year starts we would think about achieving our ideal weight, saving more money, traveling to a new destination, etc. The phrase “New Year, New Life” is a common expression. “I wish next year I can do this, can afford that,” and so much more.

Unfortunately, thinking and wishing alone do not motivate us enough. We can keep saying we would have a better year but do we really stick to the plan? More importantly, do we have a plan?

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