Understanding Stewardship

We often hear our church leaders talk about how everything we have, be it loved ones, possessions, jobs and money are not ours, but on loan from God. Our pastors and life group leaders never fail to remind us about this during each service and Bible Study meeting. What we have, not even our lives are our own, but we are merely stewards tasked with looking after what God has given us.

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Investing in FarmOn PH

FarmOn is an agriculture based crowdfunding community based in the Philippines that aims to invite investors to provide financial support for Filipino farmers and, at the same time, reap rewards for their contributions.

I have been a FarmOner since 2017 and I have been getting profits that range from 13% to 27%, depending on the crops. You have a choice to either withdraw your money or re-invest it. I find it ideal for OFW’s who don’t own a farmland but would like to have an agribusiness.
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Money Lessons from the Story of Esau

As I was reading my Devotional Bible, I came across the story of Esau and Jacob. This isn’t the first time I’ve read about them in the Bible, but this is the first time that something in their story stood out to me. If you haven’t read your Bible for a long time, I strongly suggest that you find the time to read it again. You’ll be amazed at the life lessons you can pick up along the way, but I digress.

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Why is having the right financial foundation important?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with our landlord here in Dubai and found out that his finances are in tatters. Mired in debt with no clear solution. He even owes money to relatives, friends and some people in church. I’m not talking about 5 digits of debt; he owes the bank and other people a total of AED 365K (PHP 5.152 Million)! That’s a staggering amount especially for someone whose income is not even enough to cover the monthly payments.

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