Why should we Invest?

Planning on getting married in a couple of years? Have plans to put up your own business? Travel Plans? Want to buy your dream house one day? Want to be able to retire comfortably and not just rely on your Social Security Cheque? Then you need to Invest, and do it NOW!

There are so many reasons why we need to invest, but let me give you my Top 5 Reasons why.

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How to Set Goals for 2018

2017 is almost over and it makes me think: how can I make my 2018 an even better year? Before another year starts we would think about achieving our ideal weight, saving more money, traveling to a new destination, etc. The phrase “New Year, New Life” is a common expression. “I wish next year I can do this, can afford that,” and so much more.

Unfortunately, thinking and wishing alone do not motivate us enough. We can keep saying we would have a better year but do we really stick to the plan? More importantly, do we have a plan?

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Top 5 Reasons why Filipinos don’t buy Life Insurance

Whether we like it or not, getting Life Insurance should be one of the key pillars of our Financial Foundation. As mentioned in my previous blog about the subject, we buy insurance not for the purpose of getting a huge sum for ourselves in case we live longer, but so that those we leave behind in the event of our untimely death can still have a bright future. It’s a legacy that we leave behind. It is our responsibility to ensure that even after our death, our loved ones will still have a bright future ahead of them.

So why is it that most people do not like getting Life Insurance?

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Got Protection?

No, I’m not asking if whether or not you have a condom with you or any other form of contraceptive or means to prevent unwanted pregnancy. I’m talking about Insurance. Are you protected against life’s risks? In the event that something happens to you, or when you kick the bucket, or get seriously ill- or disabled and lose your ability to earn income; will your family or those who depend on you be able to survive or will they be left with nothing and forced to live with relatives or beg?

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Why We Need an Emergency Fund

Emergencies happen. Whether we like it or not there will always be some kind of emergency that will happen when we least expect it, and if we’re not prepared for it – disaster.

I remember during partner’s training at IMG (International Marketing Group), one of the leading companies when it comes to financial literacy, there was a simple presentation about emergencies and how the lack of preparedness leads to a crisis. It went something like this.

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7 Things to Simplify in Life

From the moment we got a job and start earning our first salary, we were told to save so we can have enough money to feed our family, and to buy a house and a car. We were designed to desire the best things in life and we were told to work hard so we can afford them.

As soon as we get our paycheck, we spend on clothes, restaurant food, travel and so many other things. Advertisements from TV, social media, and magazines scream to us on a daily basis that we NEED to get the latest gadget, the most stylish pair of sneakers and the celebrity-endorsed cosmetics. As a result, we work extra hard so that we have money to spend on things we think would make us look and feel good.

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