TwoKuripot is the brainchild of Rod and Tricia – two Individuals from the far north (Ilocos Norte) and far south (Davao) of the Philippines who met in Dubai.


TwoKuripot is about living life to the fullest without breaking the bank. Rod and Tricia both like to enjoy life by traveling, eating at nice restaurants, and buying nice things-without going broke.

This website was created for the sole purpose of showing other people, especially those on a tight budget, how they too can enjoy their hard-earned money without incurring debt or over-spending.

“Kuripot” – adj.

a person who is reluctant to spend on unnecessary things

Rod is an Associate Financial Planner (AFP) and an avid investor who is into Stock Market Trading, Mutual Funds, Real Estate and other forms of investment. He is passionate about home-cooking and is also crazy about cats and dogs. His weekends are usually spent attending financial literacy seminars or at home, watching movies and relaxing. He is a Recruiter by profession but would love nothing more than to stay at home to Trade Stocks, learn more about investing, play video games, and spend time with his son Beanie and beloved pit bull, Light.

Tricia is an avid traveler and a foodie.  She likes spicy and savoury food as well as anything Japanese. She also loves cheese especially if you throw a bottle of wine with it. She has been to 15 countries so far in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, and is currently saving up for more trips soon. She has a disciplined approach in managing her finances and is more than happy to share how other people can also enjoy life, even on a budget.

TWOKuripot.com is a proud supporter and active member of Filipino Financial Advocacy group Investhusiasts.