Understanding Stewardship

We often hear our church leaders talk about how everything we have, be it loved ones, possessions, jobs and money are not ours, but on loan from God. Our pastors and life group leaders never fail to remind us about this during each service and Bible Study meeting. What we have, not even our lives are our own, but we are merely stewards tasked with looking after what God has given us.

Jesus also tried to explain this concept thru a parable in Luke 19:12-27 where the master gave each of his servants money to look after while he was away. When the master returned, he asked for all of the servants to show them what they had done with the money he entrusted to them. The first servant gave a return of 10x, while the other 5x. The third however, did not do anything. To his servants who made good returns he rewarded generously, but to the one who did not make good use of the money was punished.

So how does this apply to our lives?

We often pray to God to give us better jobs, a salary increase, and other good things in life. We ask God to bless us with more- and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all want the good things in life, and God, just like any father would like nothing more than to give us all these things. The question however, is: are we trustworthy enough to handle those things that we asked for? Have we been good stewards of what God has given us so far?

Matthew 7:11

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

So often we ask for more, but never bothered to ask ourselves if we have been good stewards of what God has currently entrusted us with. What have we done so far with our current finances? Have we been faithful in giving our tithes and offerings? Do we honor God with how we spend and manage our money? How have we been using the resources that God has entrusted us with? Have we been a channel of God’s blessing to those who need it? In our jobs- are we doing well or have we been busy doing other things during working hours? In our relationships, do we honor God and remain pure? Do we minister to the people that God brought into our lives?

Are we even aware that whatever God has entrusted us with, is not just for our own personal use? A lot of times we fail to realize that God blesses us so that we in turn can also be a blessing to others. We have been entrusted to do God’s work to reach as many people as possible and bring them closer to Him through our finances, our jobs and relationships. If your current financial state allows you more freedom, then use that time to minister to others. If you have more cash than you need, then help the needy. If you are in a position in your company where you can make a change in people’s lives and those you work with, then reach out and make a difference.


The message here is that while God wants nothing more than to give us all the desires of our hearts, we also need to check ourselves first. Can God really trust us with more? Many times people forget that making or having more does not always solve their problems. In fact, if you’re not even capable of managing what you currently have, making more will only make matters worse. While God wants nothing more than to bless us and give us all the good things in life, He also wants to make sure that doing so will not corrupt us in the process. God wants to make us happy, but He is also more concerned about our character more than our comfort.

Instead of always asking God for more right now, let’s try asking God first for guidance on how can we better manage what we currently have and be able to use that to glorify Him. Let’s be humble enough to acknowledge the areas in our lives that we still need to work on. Once God sees that our hearts are ready, He will not hesitate to open the floodgates of heaven for us. Focus our eyes first on the blesser and not the blessings.

Have a blessed day!


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