Investing in FarmOn PH

FarmOn is an agriculture based crowdfunding community based in the Philippines that aims to invite investors to provide financial support for Filipino farmers and, at the same time, reap rewards for their contributions.

I have been a FarmOner since 2017 and I have been getting profits that range from 13% to 27%, depending on the crops. You have a choice to either withdraw your money or re-invest it. I find it ideal for OFW’s who don’t own a farmland but would like to have an agribusiness.

The agriculture industry in the Philippines is dying. This is why I support and continue to invest in FarmOn. I am proud to be part of a platform where I am given an opportunity to help farmers have a stable income.

To those interesed to invest, the 22nd cycle registration will be open this April 22, 2019 until June 07, 2019. Real-time farming for 22nd cycle is on July 15, 2019.


Products available on 22nd cycle:
– Rice (Amaryllis)
– Rice (Bouvardia)
– Rice (Carnations)
– Rice (Daffodils)
– Banana
– Squash (Growers)
– Watermelon (Growers)

The website is user friendly and FAQs cover everything you need to know. You can open an account and start investing for as for as low as Php 1,500 per crop.

Take into consideration that, like all investments, it comes with a risk. With FarmOn, the risks involved are climate change and natural disasters. The good thing is, they will replace it at no extra cost on you.

For any concerns and other questions, you may reach them through their website


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