Minimalist Uniform Dressing at Work

Let’s be honest. Everyday we spend time and exert energy deciding what to wear to work only to gravitate towards the same things – same top, same trousers, same pair of shoes. We have our “favourites” and, more often than not, end up wearing the safest and most comfortable. This made me think – what is the point of having too many options when I end up wearing the same items over and over?

Recently I decided to come up with my work uniform. As part of my journey to minimalism, I wanted to shift to a smaller wardrobe. Initially I thought it would be challenging as I will have to be more thoughtful of how to coordinate the few items that I own but the more I learned from reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, I am feeling more excited about the shift.

I will start my Uniform Project by next year but have started planning ahead. Here are my thoughts:

How to create a simple personal uniform for Work

  • Decide on a Goal. I get up very early in the morning everyday and I want to save time on deciding what to wear to the office. My goal is to always look put-together especially on days when I have a meeting.
  • Stick to a style that represents who you are. I personally prefer to keep identical, (or almost identical) tops, shoes, jewelry & bags and a versatile selection of trousers. While I like wearing skirts, I am more comfortable wearing trousers. After all, I wear flats all the time and own only a few bags.
  • Keep pieces that you really, really like. While most would recommend one style – as real uniforms should be – I chose to have three different styles where I am comfortable and feel I look good in. Choose a color palette you think you can best coordinate with the other items that you own. I opted for navy, forest green, black and white.

Items you should keep:

  • “Favourite” tops. I like wearing neutral colors. I also pick the fabric & texture that are easy to maintain. I prefer tops that don’t have any prints or embellishment.
  • Staple bottoms. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to wear trousers. I have black, navy, dark green colors.
  • Accessories – bag, shoes, watch & jewelry. I own a versatile Zara crossbody bag that fits my wallet, book and mobile phone which I use everyday to work. I wear staple black and brown flats. For accessories, I have a leather strap Skagen and gold earrings. I sometimes tweak my outfit using colorful statement earrings.
  • Forever pieces. Blazers don’t come cheap so I invested on a black piece that I consider my “forever” piece as it goes with everything. I’ve had it for 2 years and I still love it. If I were to add more, I would go for neutral colors like tan & grey.

Benefits of Minimalist Uniform Dressing:

  • Saves decision-making time
  • Saves money from mindless shopping
  • Saves space in your wardrobe

My office environment does not require me to wear a suit so I am allowed to pick styles that are not too structured. My basic pieces can be worn with jeans as well. I ordered clean, neutral basic pieces from my friend’s online store in the Philippines. They are affordable too. Check out @wearfayescloset on Instagram.

We all have different personalities and tastes. Personally, I prefer to stick to my generic look – loose tops, fitted trousers and flats. If you love collared or button-down shirts, stripes or polka dots or whatever pattern, go for it. Only you can decide what style you want to keep.

Creating your uniform is not rocket science. Stay true to yourself, stick to your own style and decide to commit to it for long-term.

This is something I plan to do for 2019 so I have enough time to plan it well. I know it is not going ot be easy to control myself from shopping, so wish me luck! If you have any questions or tips, feel free to comment.


Featured photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash


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