L.A. Eats: In-N-Out

Fast food. I am not a big fan but as I am frugal, this is a good alternative if I am tight on the budget. I need all the carbs I can get so I can survive all the walking and sight-seeing. My heart wants steak & potatoes… but at times, I can only afford patty and fries.

In-N-Out is a massively popular California-based fast food burger chain. I have tried Five Guys and Shake Shack in Dubai but as I am not a burger person, both were just ok-ish. While in LA, I had to try In-N-Out to satisfy my burger curiosity.


The menu on display was simple and straightforward but their Not-So-Secret-Menu was more enticing, like for example, the 4×4 (or Quad Quad) which is a four patty, four cheese sandwich. The Animal Style includes extra spread, mustard grilled patties, and extra pickles. They also have Protein Style which is a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of bun, which is perfect for a Keto diet. The Flying Dutchman comes with two slices of cheese melted between two burger patties – that’s it – no veggies, no buns.


As I went through the menu, I liked the Double-Double Animal Style the most (to be honest I would have gone for the 4×4 but I was not that hungry, LOL). Requesting for “animal style” burgers automatically adds extra spread, grilled chopped onions, and extra pickles on mustard-grilled patties.

The combination of mustard-grilled patty, the pickles, and the grilled onions and cheese make it so tasty. I like to call it a burger nirvana.


Along with my burger I had Animal Style Fries which had onions and cheese. There goes by carb supply for days. And of course, a Root Beer Float which is a perfect balance to the meaty taste.

Have I converted? It was good, yes, but I still don’t love burgers. I prefer my Japanese food and steak, or Rod’s cooking at any given day.


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