L.A. Eats: Bludso’s Bar & Que

It was a week after I booked my flight when my friend asked me the one question that I always love to hear. “Where do you want to eat?” 

As there is nothing more American than BBQ, besides apple pies & burgers, this was the first that came to mind. She told me to check out Bludso’s and, oh my, I drooled! The brisket, ribs, sides and beer looked mouth-watering.

We went to Bludso’s along La Brea on a Saturday after a long day of walking around Universal Studios Hollywood. We were seated right away, which is not bad for a weekend.

The ribs were juicy, meaty and tasty. I’ve never had meat fall off the bone like this. I cried.


The brisket was so tender, moist and literally melts in your mouth. It had a smokey flavor and a tasty rub that is too good you won’t need sauce.

The rich BBQ sauce was a perfect match to all the meats. It comes in mild/sweet and spicy version and, of course, I prefer the latter. The sauce does not overpower, but rather complements the flavour of the meats.


I also had a little bit of the macaroni and cheese (could this be more American?) but I did not go overboard because it will take up a lot of my stomach’s space for meat (LOL). I had the cornbread and honey butter – how addicting! It helps balance the taste of the meat and fat.  I had ice-cold Cider as well.


I simply cannot describe how satisfied I was with the food here! Also, the friendly service and a nice environment. I could stay there and eat all night.

Without a doubt, Bludso’s is the best BBQ I’ve ever had. This was my friends’ treat and they spent USD 72.82 (AED 267) for 3 people making it AED 89 each, which is not bad for an excellent meal.

Got any other recommendations for a foodie like to me to visit next time? Feel free to comment.


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