Learnings from MTUAE 2018

This is our second time to attend Money Talks UAE, and this by far has been the best and most interesting one we’ve been to. The conference was supposed to start at 1PM, but due to technical glitches it started at nearly 2PM, cutting the entire conference time short by almost two hours, and forcing the speakers to shorten their discussions a bit. It was not the full-day conference like the previous ones; a bit short on time, and cut even shorter due to technical difficulties, but definitely not short on information and new learnings from the excellent speakers.

Today’s event was so amazing that I couldn’t wait to get home after the conference to write about all the things that we’ve learned from the speakers, and why EVERY Filipino in the UAE should make it a point to attend events like this.

I believe it was during last year’s AFP Certification course when Randell Tiongson mentioned that in the next MTUAE event, he’ll be bringing with him Marvin Germo (Stock Smarts), Salve Duplito (On The Money), Carl Dy (Spectrum Properties) and Tony Herbosa (Traders Apprentice Pilipinas) – all of whom are highly respected by their peers and followers alike.

What made this year’s event very interesting were the different perspectives on investing presented by each speaker on how to invest and where.


Randell Tiongson kicked off the event by talking about the Philippine Economic Landscape, and the important the role that we OFW’s play in helping to keep our economy afloat. He also mentioned the “hidden agenda” of Financial Advocates in the UAE, and that is to equip Overseas Filipinos like you and me with the necessary skills and knowledge on how we can manage our finances, grow in knowledge and skill, and build our wealth so that one day we can all go home and be a more active participant in nation building, as opposed to just remitting money to the Philippines. He also put a lot of emphasis on the fact that more than just making money, it’s also important for us to know how to manage it well. Money is important, but we have to remember that it is NEVER the end goal. It is merely a means for us to attain our goals in life. For more information on Randell’s approach to Personal Finance, please read our previous post based on his book, No Nonsense Personal Finance.

c070aed1-2275-442a-a101-9663fb936bedSecond to speak was Mr. Stock Smarts, Marvin Germo. Marvin is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to Stock Market Trading and Investing. His energy and enthusiasm during his seminars are always off the charts, and very contagious. Marvin’s discussion was about- well, Stock Market investing of course. Though he spoke for less than an hour, Marvin was able to cover the basic principles and strategies on how the average Filipino can trade and be profitable in the Stock Market. One doesn’t need to have over 5 or even 10 indicators and oscillators to know when to enter or exit a trade. Just by using Moving Averages and Trend Lines, you can already determine if it’s a good time to enter a trade, or exit. Marvin does an excellent job in making terms and jargon that would make one’s nose bleed into easy to understand concepts. I remember a few years ago when I was just new to Stock Market investing and trading, though I was reading a lot and watching videos about Moving Averages, MACD, etc.- I couldn’t really get a good understanding of how to use them and most of my trades back then were just done on guesses. Thanks to Marvin, not only did I understand them better, I’m also more profitable now with my trades. So if ever you want to learn about how to make money in the stock market, don’t miss this year’s second Stock Smarts sessions in November.

f5e23293-e6fb-47e9-8b6f-021fd8e7566eThe third speaker of the day was Real Estate and Rental Property Guru- Carl Dy. Carl is the President of Spectrum Investments. I have read his presentation before on Slide Share, but it was my first time to hear him speak. His life story was both amazing, and inspiring. Carl has made a lot of money in Real Estate and through Rental Income, but what people don’t know is that Carl also worked as a delivery boy in his younger years, and just like the average Juan- worked his way up, saved money and invested it in Real Estate. We have recently started investing in two condominium units with the intention of renting it out for passive income in the future so having Carl Dy as one of the speakers was really great, and timely. Carl Dy talked about the risks involved in renting out a condo, and the potential returns. Unlike the other speakers, Carl is not a finance guy. His expertise is more on how to make multiple streams of passive income through Real Estate and Rental Income. Our key take-away from Carl- It’s okay to work hard, but it’s even better when your money works harder for you. The more passive income you have, the more time you have to enjoy life.

9fa2735b-6b20-4208-a6db-1f046ecc2e14Salve Duplito, the Queen of Personal Finance, and resident Personal Finance Advisor on ANC’s show, On The Money was today’s fourth speaker. We’ve seen her a couple of times before on her TV Show, but it was our first time to see and hear her in a conference. One of the key things she talked about was Value Investing, Warren Buffet’s style of investing where you pick companies to invest in not based on their price, but more on their intrinsic value. Simply put, you buy shares of companies that have a proven track record, and you know that these companies will still be around for a very long time. The other topic that Salve discussed was about Transformation. Unless Filipinos change the way they think about money, and the way they handle their finances, as long as their mindset is more focused on spending rather than saving and investing- their lives will never get any better even if their salaries are higher. If someone is not able to manage with little, making more money will only make their problems even worse.

b142b85c-f749-4a0e-b67b-457e98465027The last speaker, and I must say probably one of the most anticipated based on the crowd’s reaction was Tony “Maestro” Herbosa, head of TAP (Trader’s Apprentice Pilipinas). Tony has over two decades of experience in Stock Trading and has been in the Finance Industry for over 30 years. While Randell and Salve are more on Value Investing, and taking a more conservative approach when it comes to investing in equities, and Marvin’s approach is based on both Fundamental and Technical analysis,  Tony is more on speculation, and not on as what he calls is “Analysis- Paralysis” through charting and lots of FA. Just to be clear, Speculating is NOT Investing. Even he says this clearly on his FB posts. While his approach to stock market trading is not for the faint hearted, Tony’s no nonsense approach and proven experience in milking bull markets has given him a lot of credibility, and of course a lot of followers whose eyes and ears eagerly await his next talk, and posts on the latest speculative stocks that could help them make lots of money from the stock market. Tony Herbosa’s two key lessons in trading are the following; you need to make sure that you have BODEGA volume on your Bagger Stocks, and that you follow the TREND until it bends.

Five different speakers, five different ways to grow your wealth and achieve financial freedom, but all of them agree on one thing- You need to manage your cashflow and debts first before you start investing in equities or property, or speculating in the stock market. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making, if you’re unable to manage it- it will still get you nowhere.

It was really an information packed 4 hour conference today. I mean, where else can you get that much information from not just one, but FIVE highly respected experts in one day? What made it even more amazing and interesting was the range of topics covered and the different perspectives on investing from each speaker. From the conservative approach, to the highly aggressive. Many thanks to Randell Tiongson, and the people behind MTUAE for their tireless effort in organizing conferences like this every year, and bringing the BEST speakers to share their knowledge to Filipinos in the UAE to empower them to change their lives and their future for the better.

While most Filipinos would shun attending events like this because of the fee, we strongly urge you to look beyond the price and see the true value behind it. Just like in investing, do not focus on the price alone, but also look at the value that you will get from it, the learnings that you can use to change your life. After all, an investment in knowledge is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

We really enjoyed this year’s MTUAE Conference, and will be looking forward to attend MTUAE  2019.


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