I have X amount of money. Where should I invest?

This is a question that we often hear from people who have heard about investing so many times before, and now have the money to do so. It’s really great that a lot of people nowadays are more aware about the importance of investing, and are willing to give it a go. The Philippine economy is really doing well, and investing for your future now is one of the best things that you can do for your future self. For Overseas Filipinos, this is one of the many ways you can take advantage of the higher salaries that you’re getting from your employment abroad.

The initiative, and that desire to invest their hard-earned money, is great but what concerns me is that a lot of the people who ask this question are those who have no background at all in investing. In many cases, which we often hear in the news, it’s these people who are usually the target of scams. Why? Because they have the money, but not the awareness and knowledge of what a REAL investment is. The result? These people lose all their money, get jaded and will NEVER invest again or encourage other people to do so because they will always think of any investment as a scam.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. —Robert Orben

One of the things I have learned from all the Financial Literacy seminars I’ve been to is that the BEST investment to start with is an investment in knowledge. Most people shun the idea of attending Financial Literacy seminars because of the fees. They think that the learning fees are expensive. Even if the seminars were for free, they still wouldn’t attend thinking that it’s a waste of time, and would rather just jump into the first “investment” option presented to them by a close friend or relative, or by a friend of a friend; and in the end lose a lot if not all of the money they invested.

credits to azquotes

A lot of people go online on social media asking for advice on where they should invest their money, which stocks to buy, or if a condo is a good investment or not. They post questions on forums and public pages where most of the time they don’t really get constructive answers. They get trolled and some will even reply with something like “I have a business opportunity for you. PM me.”; and I really find those people annoying because they are taking advantage of the other person’s lack of awareness.

There are two resources available to would be investors that they need to use wisely. One is Money, and the other one is Time. Before you part ways with your money on an investment, take the TIME first to study and learn about the investment options available to you, and how to properly invest. Instead of spending all your weekends or days-off on parties and just being lazy at home, try using your free time to learn and acquire knowledge. If you’re really serious about investing then you should spend at least one day in a month attending financial literacy seminars to learn more about how you can properly invest, and what your best options are. Accumulate knowledge first before you begin to accumulate assets. This way you can avoid getting scammed, and properly manage the risks involved with any investment you make.

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If you are an Overseas Filipino in the UAE, and would like to know more about how you can get started on investing the right way, feel free to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


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